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This is how my pop lost 70 lbs… Alleviated his MS symptoms…

February 19, 2011

After the last post I had a lot of questions regarding what kind of foods I am feeding my dad to get him results. Here is a picture I took to show you what he nibbles on all day. The right foods are very important when dealing with any disease. The main thing is to eat a lot of your foods in their raw state so you can get all the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals that come from Broccoli, snap peas, pears, berries, nuts and seeds. He does eat meat, fish and poultry. No pork or dairy or gluten. He eats like a cave man would. If it comes from a tree or is hunted it is acceptable. No processed foods.

It is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients you need to combat a disease so supplements have really helped my dads ability to fight off inflammation. I have him taking ionic minerals in his water, Primrose oil, Fish oil, Vitamin E, Alpha lipoic acid, Garlic, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, Proteolytic enzymes, Selenium, Amino acids, MSM, N-Acetyl-Cysteine. All diseases share a common factor, they hold mineral deficiencies . It is proven that the myelin sheath is made up of many fats so it is important to try to keep it lubricated with fats. All of these together have helped him get more endurance, less fatigue, less inflammation or shooting pains, better memory, darker and fuller hair, healthy nails, healthy sleeping patterns, more muscle and less fat.


Progressive MS? or Progessively healing….

January 30, 2011

Update on my Pops… Today he celebrated his 55th birthday, so we decided to take some pictures of his hard & dedicated work. He is a shining example of how far “will power” and a good coach will bring you.

My Dad right after he was diagnosed with MS, back in 2006.

Five years ago, he was diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and the doctors told him he would only get worse. All they could hope for was to “manage” his condition, not improve or cure it. Thankfully, he didn’t listen, didn’t take the drugs and didn’t give up.

Instead, he cleaned up his diet, eliminating almost all dairy, sugar, gluten, processed foods, pork and cheap animal proteins. These days, he eats mostly fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, and quality animal and other proteins. He also cleansed the toxins out of his system and recharged his immune system by taking minerals, essential fats, aloe vera and other crucial supplements, and having the mercury fillings removed from his mouth. Most importantly, he spends a considerable amount of time each day exercising and stretching, and rather than succumb to a wheelchair, he continues to walk with a cane. Rather than get worse, his gait has stabilized.

Since training with Results Fitness and following my health regimen, not only has he lost 70 pounds and regained muscle mass, his sleeping patterns have improved, his brain clarity has returned, he suffers from less inflammation, has less fatigue and more endurance. His emotional well being has also improved tremendously; his positive attitude has returned.
We both hope people who suffer from MS, Lyme Disease and other debilitating conditions can be inspired by his story.

Does Electromagnetic therapy kill spirochetes?

February 2, 2009


Massage Therapy Benefits Multiple Sclerosis Patients!

January 27, 2009


One of the many, yet more important things  that has really  helped my dad with his MS is his weekly Massage Therapy treatments. Initially, when my father first started with Tony he was in a ton of pain. My father would often complain about shooting, stabbing growing pains that shot up and down his legs all day long and at night while he tried to sleep. Constant muscle twitching of the legs, standard loss of the nerve communication and muscle stiffness. Massage Therapy has really helped make my Dad virtually pain free and has also helped relieve some of the stress that this disease can bring on. Thank you to Tony Robinson!

Tony Robinson

– HHP Holistic Health Practitioner, CPT- Certified Personal Trainer  or (760) 845-2274


Importance Of Strength Training for Multiple Sclerosis!

January 8, 2009

Here are a couple of pictures of my father putting in his time in the weight room. When i first got him he could not even sit and balance on the ball. Now he is doing a full blown routine with free weights and functional training. He started out with his strength training in the pool(simply running in place) to build strength in his core and legs.

Now he has graduated to far more fun advanced movements. Through all the struggles and tuff times he had in the last 2 years he is getting stronger. Thank goodness he is as “Bullheaded as me!”


Look at those triceps! You can build muscles with MS? Apparently so!