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Sitting linked to a early death!

July 25, 2010

Like i always tell my family when they push to put my father (Has Multiple Sclerosis with difficulty walking) in a wheelchair. Once you sit and don’t ever stand or walk. You shut down your circuits(nerves). That leads to muscular and bone atrophy as well as circulation problems. I tell my dad to take his time, stand up straight and breath. He walks slowly but he forces the brain to pick up the foot. Once you lose that connection it is all downhill. Here is the interesting study.


Poor posture at the root of many medical problems!

February 18, 2009


An expert writing on a health-related web site says that poor posture (known clinically as Postural Distortion Syndrome) is at the heart of most health problems in the world’s developed nations. “Most of us are operating from positions so far out of ideal that our systems are quite literally breaking down under the strain,” she says. The expert says arthritis, digestive problems, headaches, obesity, and even toothaches can often be attributed directly to bad posture.


  • What is the major contributor to ill-health in all developed nations on the planet?
  • You see, the human body is meant to function from a position of balance and equilibrium with a place for everything, and everything in its place.
  • When in optimal alignment, the musculo-skeletal system acts to prevent damage to the more vulnerable internal systems of the body allowing for optimal and stress-free function.
  • The trouble is, most us are operating from positions so far out of ideal that our systems are quite literally breaking down under the strain.
  • The problem is that most of us will go through life without ever realizing that many of our aches and pains are effects of poor alignment rather than the causes of illness themselves.
  • In trying to alleviate our symptoms we’ll take medications, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments to achieve temporary respite, yet the problems return.
  • You see, no medication or treatment can stop the cycle of pain and breakdown caused by PDS.
  • As long as the cause of your problems exists you’ll ALWAYS have the symptoms.
  • So, let’s get to the root of the problem!
  • Why do we suffer from poor posture?
  • The lives we lead quite literally shape the bodies we wear.
  • Provide our bodies with enough activity, water and nutrients and they’re capable of withstanding almost anything we put them through.
  • On the other hand, put the wrong fuel in them and fail to move them often enough and they’ll seize up.
  • Much like a car, or any machine for that matter!
  • Every system in our body requires movement to aid circulation, energy production and keep our muscles and bones strong enough to fight the effects of gravity.

Massage Therapy Benefits Multiple Sclerosis Patients!

January 27, 2009


One of the many, yet more important things  that has really  helped my dad with his MS is his weekly Massage Therapy treatments. Initially, when my father first started with Tony he was in a ton of pain. My father would often complain about shooting, stabbing growing pains that shot up and down his legs all day long and at night while he tried to sleep. Constant muscle twitching of the legs, standard loss of the nerve communication and muscle stiffness. Massage Therapy has really helped make my Dad virtually pain free and has also helped relieve some of the stress that this disease can bring on. Thank you to Tony Robinson!

Tony Robinson

– HHP Holistic Health Practitioner, CPT- Certified Personal Trainer  or (760) 845-2274


Healthy foods are actually cheaper than popular manufactured foods

January 27, 2009

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 by: Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor


After sharing health information with people, I’ll hear some of them say things like “Okay, I get it, but it’s too expensive!” They’re meanwhile sipping a Starbuck’s coffee and driving a brand new car, and telling me that it’s too expensive to buy a $29 bottle of vitamins, or superfood supplements, or something else that would do them a world of good.

It makes you wonder, where are people’s priorities today? People are reluctant to invest money in their own health, and I find that absolutely astounding. Many of these very same people are buying $300,000 homes, and spending several thousand dollars per month on house payments. Perhaps it’s just $500 to $1000 per month for apartment payments, but that’s still a big chunk of cash.

Then of course, they have their car payment on top of that, adding another two to four hundred dollars per month easily. They’ve also got their insurance payment, their monthly restaurant bill, and clothing bills. All the entertainment — albums, concerts, movies, and Starbuck’s coffee. They still say, “But I can’t afford to be healthy. Mike, you’re talking about all these things, but I can’t buy any of it! I’m living in poverty. I don’t have an extra dollar.” I tell them, “You’ve got enough food to feed yourself pretty well. You’ve got enough money to buy all that food – you can afford good nutrition.”

Good nutrition is less expensive than junk nutrition

Like most people, you’re probably spending money right now on bad nutrition. I can show people how to spend less money on groceries that are better for them than the highly processed, high-markup brand name foods they’re spending a fortune on (and that are giving them chronic disease and obesity). I can show people how to actually save money. With the money saved, they can buy high-density superfood supplements, whole food concentrates, high end herbs and vitamins, or other nutritional supplements. Spending the same money that you’re spending today, I can show you how to be a heck of a lot healthier.

Brand-name rip-off foods

The processed foods, the popular brand name foods, are the most expensive of all. These deliver the least nutrition for your dollar. If you buy anything in a pretty box, anything that’s been processed, anything that’s been advertised on television or something that comes with a coupon, you have been conned. You are getting ripped off. Most foods that have coupons are so overpriced to begin with that the food manufacturer is still making money even after you redeem the coupon. If you really want poor nutrition and want to waste a lot of money on foods that aren’t doing anything for you health-wise, then buy all the groceries that are advertised. Buy all the stuff that other Americans and people around the world who don’t know anything about health tend to buy.

Observe people and learn

When you go into a grocery store, observe people: watch who buys what, how healthy or diseased they look and what economic status you think they have. You will begin to notice some interesting patterns.

One is that those who seem to be having the most financial trouble are buying the foods with the highest markup. They are unable to make good decisions about what foods offer nutritional value. They buy things like instant macaroni and cheese, dinner mixes, potato chips, and carbonated soft drink beverages. They buy foods that are nutritionally worthless, but cost a lot of money. You can go to any grocery store and observe this yourself.

At the same time, you’ll notice that people who tend to be healthy, who seem to be aware of what’s going on around them, who look intelligent, whose eyes light up, who have some energy evident in the way they hold their bodies and in the way they interact with others around them — these people are intelligent shoppers. In their carts, you’ll notice they have lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of raw food ingredients, and you’ll see that they tend to buy things in bulk. They’ll buy bulk ingredients like brown rice, beans, or legumes. They actually pay attention to what they’re buying by reading the ingredients labels, for example.

Contrast this to the everyday grocery shoppers: these are the everyday people who don’t really pay attention to nutrition. They don’t make good choices. They basically pull things off the shelves that they’ve seen on television. They choose foods based on what they’ve been told to buy through promotional advertisements, public relations, and other efforts, including food lobbying.

Lobbying is how the USDA came up with the new “Food Guide Pyramid,” by the way. It’s pretty much the “Drink More Milk” pyramid. It was heavily influenced by the dairy industry. Look at how much milk it says we should drink now. Apparently, all humans are supposed to eat from cows utters, which is rather interesting, given that there is no nutritional requirement for any human being to eat from any cow.

The everyday shoppers who buy all of this garbage that’s been advertised are chronically diseased. You can see it at a remarkably young age. Even when they’re teenagers, you can see the disease starting to progress. If these people happen to be in their 30s, 40s, or even their 50s and beyond, you can see the progression of this disease.

I don’t want to be judgmental in saying it, but it is sometimes painful to look at these people. Sometimes I just feel so much compassion for them, I want to help them. But in many ways, most of them aren’t ready to be helped. It’s also a bit frightening, if you think about what’s going on in their bodies. All of this degeneration, this lack of flow, and stagnation that’s happening in their bodies… the stress on the organs: the pancreas, the liver, the spleen, the kidneys, the heart. You look in their shopping cart and think, “Oh my God! How can these people buy this stuff?”

Your health reflects your grocery cart


In Defense of Food- Michael Pollan

January 26, 2009

I Love This Guy!