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This is how my pop lost 70 lbs… Alleviated his MS symptoms…

February 19, 2011

After the last post I had a lot of questions regarding what kind of foods I am feeding my dad to get him results. Here is a picture I took to show you what he nibbles on all day. The right foods are very important when dealing with any disease. The main thing is to eat a lot of your foods in their raw state so you can get all the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals that come from Broccoli, snap peas, pears, berries, nuts and seeds. He does eat meat, fish and poultry. No pork or dairy or gluten. He eats like a cave man would. If it comes from a tree or is hunted it is acceptable. No processed foods.

It is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients you need to combat a disease so supplements have really helped my dads ability to fight off inflammation. I have him taking ionic minerals in his water, Primrose oil, Fish oil, Vitamin E, Alpha lipoic acid, Garlic, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, Proteolytic enzymes, Selenium, Amino acids, MSM, N-Acetyl-Cysteine. All diseases share a common factor, they hold mineral deficiencies . It is proven that the myelin sheath is made up of many fats so it is important to try to keep it lubricated with fats. All of these together have helped him get more endurance, less fatigue, less inflammation or shooting pains, better memory, darker and fuller hair, healthy nails, healthy sleeping patterns, more muscle and less fat.


Progressive MS? or Progessively healing….

January 30, 2011

Update on my Pops… Today he celebrated his 55th birthday, so we decided to take some pictures of his hard & dedicated work. He is a shining example of how far “will power” and a good coach will bring you.

My Dad right after he was diagnosed with MS, back in 2006.

Five years ago, he was diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and the doctors told him he would only get worse. All they could hope for was to “manage” his condition, not improve or cure it. Thankfully, he didn’t listen, didn’t take the drugs and didn’t give up.

Instead, he cleaned up his diet, eliminating almost all dairy, sugar, gluten, processed foods, pork and cheap animal proteins. These days, he eats mostly fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, and quality animal and other proteins. He also cleansed the toxins out of his system and recharged his immune system by taking minerals, essential fats, aloe vera and other crucial supplements, and having the mercury fillings removed from his mouth. Most importantly, he spends a considerable amount of time each day exercising and stretching, and rather than succumb to a wheelchair, he continues to walk with a cane. Rather than get worse, his gait has stabilized.

Since training with Results Fitness and following my health regimen, not only has he lost 70 pounds and regained muscle mass, his sleeping patterns have improved, his brain clarity has returned, he suffers from less inflammation, has less fatigue and more endurance. His emotional well being has also improved tremendously; his positive attitude has returned.
We both hope people who suffer from MS, Lyme Disease and other debilitating conditions can be inspired by his story.

I hear my grandparents complain of being old at 70!

January 7, 2011

Need inspiration?
“People don’t die of old age, they die of neglect.”

Jack LaLanne celebrates his 70th birthday in 1984 by towing 70 boats and 70 persons while swimming1.5 miles in Long Beach Harbor in California.

Sitting linked to a early death!

July 25, 2010

Like i always tell my family when they push to put my father (Has Multiple Sclerosis with difficulty walking) in a wheelchair. Once you sit and don’t ever stand or walk. You shut down your circuits(nerves). That leads to muscular and bone atrophy as well as circulation problems. I tell my dad to take his time, stand up straight and breath. He walks slowly but he forces the brain to pick up the foot. Once you lose that connection it is all downhill. Here is the interesting study.

California Advances Identification of Fluoride as a Carcinogen

June 27, 2009

California EPA committee designates fluoride as a priority for review for public warnings about risk of cancer to consumers


News Release  June 5, 2009
On May 29, 2009, over protests by lobbyists for the American Dental Association and the Personal Care Products Council, the Carcinogen Identification Committee of California EPA’s Office of Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) named fluoride and its salts to its list of chemicals slated for highest-priority review as a cancer causing agent.  The review will be a critical step toward possible inclusion of fluorides on a Prop 65 list of chemicals for which warnings for risks of cancer, birth defects, and reproductive toxicity are to be publicly posted.

Citing the passage of two pre-screenings that acknowledged the existence of animal and human evidence, as well as widespread exposure, this recommendation places fluoride and its salts on the list along with 37 other chemicals slated for a high priority Hazard Identification process. Evidence presented to the committee included a scientific review by Kathleen Theissen, PhD, which was funded by IAOMT.

This hazard identification process is similar to a risk assessment performed to establish a scientific point of safety for lifetime ingestion that is ordered by the Safe Drinking Water Act for chemicals in the water, with the exception that this process will evaluate fluorides from all exposures, and restricts the assessment to only the risks of cancer, rather than all adverse heath effects.

Proposition 65 was enacted by voters of California in 1986 to assure that the public is notified of the presence of substances known to the State of California to pose a risk of cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm in products or locations.  Prop 65 warnings are commonly seen at gas stations and dry cleaning establishments warning of environmental exposures to the chemicals present, and bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), another fluoride compound, was also recommended for the highest priority review.

PFOAs are most commonly used to produce surfactants (in layman’s terms, non-stick and non-penetration), which are the basis of such products as Scotchgard (In 2000, maker 3M announced it is to be phased out of the market), Teflon (restricted in future production), and GoreTex.

Ranging from water and oil repellants, to stain resistant fabrics, to waxed paper, this chemical class is listed as used in aircraft production processes, electronic products, personal care products, and thought to be essential in the automotive, chemical, medical, packaging and building/construction industries. Dupont, the primary producer of PFOAs, opposed the recommendation for priority review.

Chemicals that received a lower priority ranking are not expected to receive a timely review.

A summary of the chemical prioritizations can be accessed at:

       Contact: Jeff Green
       Citizens for Safe Drinking Water
       (800) 728-3833