This is what I believe

Studio A

Results Fitness isn’t the place to go if you’re trying to fit into your wedding dress in three weeks.  You’ll lose weight here, but my ultimate goal is to build a strong, aligned body that fires and moves as an efficient system.  It’s called the kinetic chain, and it’s how your brain relays messages through your nervous system.  Poor posture, injury from accident, sickness or prolonged sitting can cause disruptions in the kinectic chain, preventing muscles from receiving messages from the brain to fire.  This can lead to headaches, coughing, poor disgestion, vision and hearing problems, arthritis, impingements, joint pain, and more.

Remember when adults used to urge children to sit up straight?  Posture is one of the fundamental cornerstones of health. Our nerves, blood vessels, muscles and organs need proper room and support to function.  Are you ready to get rid of your pain and suffering once and for all?  It’s not easy, and it will take committment, but your results will last a lifetime.  And, you’ll gain knowledge you can share with your family and friends.

 Give me a call or drop by the studios and check us out.

 Results Fitness

514 N Coast Highway, Oceanside

760- 809-7981


One Response to “This is what I believe”

  1. Richard maffris Says:


    Stopped by and saw your Dad today. Looking great for the battle he is dealing with. Keep up the great work!


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