About Ryan James Shrader

I’ve been a personal trainer for 10 years, since I took my first professional training position at the Frazee 24 Hour Fitness in Oceanside. 6 years ago, I opened my own private studio (RESULTS FITNESS) along Coast Highway in Oceanside. 

In my private practice, I’ve gained hands-on experience solving health problems such as Sciatica, shoulder impingements, lower back problems, knee problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid problems and obesity. I have also trained a number of people with neurological disorders from Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis,  to Parkinson’s disease making their life more pleasant and comfortable. 

I have also trained elite athletes, helping them return from injury and/or surgery, and move up to the next level of competition.

I am certified by the National Academy Of Sports Medicine and American Fitness Professionals and Associates, and am also CPR Certified.

I am extremely passionate about my job.  I love the fact that I get to help people live a better, healthier life. Please feel free to call me at (760) 809-7981  for a free consultation.

I know I can help you, too!


7 Responses to “About Ryan James Shrader”

  1. Kitty Says:

    I have been a client of Ryan since 2005 and he has really helped me with my body structure. He keeps me limber and stretched. I recomend him to everyone because he is very knowledgeable and just a great trainer. I cannot pay him as much as he his worth but would love to! Check out his Studio and Health Plan for you.

  2. Scott Fields Says:

    Ryan and I have been friends for over 17 years. He recently began the undertaking of correcting my (and my wife) broken down body. I am 30 years of age, but have the body of a 45 year old. I trust this man with my life.
    Though we are just at the begining stages of my reclaimation of my own body, I know he will help me become in mind, body, and spirit, a healthier human being.
    Just a question, but ask yourself…has your previous trainers asked you how your PSOSAS muscle felt? Or better yet, even mentioned it and how truly impactful it is to the health of your everyday movement? Didn’t think so.
    If you truly want to alter (tired of the word “change”) your overall lifestyle…please contact Ryan, he can truly lead you to where you need to be.
    Look at his site and see what he has done with his father…you cannot ignore the evidence of his work.
    Jah bless you Ryan!!

  3. San Diego Farmgirl Says:

    By age 35, my back was going out regularly. Just a few years ago, I missed a total of 3 months work in one year due to my back! Ryan helped me increase my body awareness so I could heal myself. You can keep your surgery, doc, I won’t be needing it!

  4. Liana Fields Says:

    Ryan Shrader is just wonderful in many ways. He has not only been a friend but my personal trainer for the last 5 years.
    He’s an independent thinker, seeks out the truth and finds the answers to any health or medical problem you may be going through. He has helped me out immensely by nursing me back to
    both physical and mental health.
    I had a visible lump on my thyroid and the doctor wanted me to go in for a second biopsy.
    And even with that there would be no guarantee that this would be successful leading to possibly cutting it out. Through Ryan’s advice I sought out non-traditional medicine and the lump has almost completely disappeared. He studies from a lot of medical books and he is so knowledgeable on the body’s skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. He gave me hope that even at my age of 65 I could be happy and healthy. People have commented to me that I look like I could be in my 40s.
    Results Fitness is the anti-aging solution rather than any bottle of medicine or cosmetic cream I’ve ever taken.
    I have a science background and my daughter is a physician and Ryan is right up there with the healers in bringing health and vitality back into the life of an individual.
    Liana Fields

  5. Brian Wethers Says:

    Ryan’s knowledge of the human body and fitness is amazing! When I fractured my tibia in Australia 2007 while playing professional basketball I wasn’t sure if I would be able to bounce back. That being my second serious injury, I was concerned my athletiscism would suffer greatly and I may not play again. Working with Ryan was the best decision I made in sustaining my basketball career! He put me on a all natural diet and excercise plan that not only enabled a full recovery, but I was able to make a full recovery 4 months earlier than told by the doctors! My diet and excercise plan was dialed in from the moment I woke to until I went to sleep. Ryan is an amazing trainer and an equally amazing researcher! He is a tireless worker when it comes to his clients needs! I knew what foods to eat according to my blood type, weight, activity level, and athletic gains. Being a professional athlete I appreciate the attention to detail Ryan gives to each of his clients. I have yet to meet a more educated and free thinking trainer!

  6. Ryan Says:

    Not only did Brian Wethers bounce back with athletiscism. He won the scoring title (28.3 points a game).

  7. What are my clients saying? | Bulldog's Personal Training Says:

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