Miracle Cure for Gout and Arthritis Pain? Six Cherries a Day

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 by: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) I bet the big drug companies wish they had invented cherries — they’ve proven to be the most powerful medicine in the world for eliminating gout and reducing the pain and inflammation of arthritis. Cherries are such powerful medicine for gout and arthritis, in fact, the FDA went out of its way to try to muzzle cherry growers, preventing them from linking to scientific studies on cherries as a way to censor the information you’re about to read here.

If the public finds out the truth about cherries, after all, they won’t need arthritis drugs anymore (and Big Pharma will lose billions in profits). As you’ll see in the collection of quotes about cherries, gout and arthritis (below), cherries are extremely safe, effective and fast-acting for eliminating swelling and pain. Eating just a few cherries a day keeps uric acid levels in check, preventing any recurrence of gout.

What’s a good source for cherries? In addition to buying local organic cherries at natural grocers near you, you can also get cherry concentrates and cherry extracts from a variety of companies. As it turns out, even cooked cherry juice does the trick just as well as raw cherries!

My top recommended sources for cherry products include Brownwood Acres / www.FruitFast.com (which offers an amazing array of fruit concentrate bars and capsules) and www.Vitacost.com (which offers various cherry extract products). See search results here: http://www.vitacost.com/productResu…

No, I don’t have any financial ties with these companies. I just recommend their products. The FruitFast company, in fact, offers fruit softgel capsules, bars, liquids, concentrates and premium dried fruit, too, so you can always have cherries with you (even when traveling!). They’ve even introduced CherryFlex for dogs! http://www.brownwoodacres.com/pet_p…

The Bear Fruit Bar (www.MorFoods.com) is also a great source of not only cherry concentrates, but other potent fruits as well.

If you suffer from gout or arthritis, you owe it to yourself to try the therapeutic use of cherries.

The FDA, of course, says cherries aren’t medicine. The FDA is lying to you! (And they know it.) Cherries ARE medicine, and it’s medicine that’s safer, more effective and far more affordable than Big Pharma’s toxic patented chemicals. Cherries are medicine that grows on trees.

The entire pharmaceutical cartel hopes you never find out the truth about cherries. They’re depending on your ignorance to keep their profits flowing. Don’t let ’em sucker you into taking expensive, dangerous medications when cherries might be all you really need! Try cherries (or cherry concentrate products) first, for at least 30 days. And when your pain vanishes, you can send a thank-you email to Mother Nature for providing this natural medicine to the world.

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