Massage Therapy Benefits Multiple Sclerosis Patients!


One of the many, yet more important things  that has really  helped my dad with his MS is his weekly Massage Therapy treatments. Initially, when my father first started with Tony he was in a ton of pain. My father would often complain about shooting, stabbing growing pains that shot up and down his legs all day long and at night while he tried to sleep. Constant muscle twitching of the legs, standard loss of the nerve communication and muscle stiffness. Massage Therapy has really helped make my Dad virtually pain free and has also helped relieve some of the stress that this disease can bring on. Thank you to Tony Robinson!

Tony Robinson

– HHP Holistic Health Practitioner, CPT- Certified Personal Trainer  or (760) 845-2274


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One Response to “Massage Therapy Benefits Multiple Sclerosis Patients!”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Well thanks to Tony Robinson your dad has less pain. Well there also some more ways to virtually cure MS. I have come across an article on Infusion Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis this is site hope you might find this useful

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