Importance Of Strength Training for Multiple Sclerosis!

Here are a couple of pictures of my father putting in his time in the weight room. When i first got him he could not even sit and balance on the ball. Now he is doing a full blown routine with free weights and functional training. He started out with his strength training in the pool(simply running in place) to build strength in his core and legs.

Now he has graduated to far more fun advanced movements. Through all the struggles and tuff times he had in the last 2 years he is getting stronger. Thank goodness he is as “Bullheaded as me!”


Look at those triceps! You can build muscles with MS? Apparently so!

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2 Responses to “Importance Of Strength Training for Multiple Sclerosis!”

  1. Fitness Retreat Says:

    This and other writings I’ve been reading lately show more than promise when it comes to maintaining a certain level of strength, flexibility, and endurance for those who are inflicted with this horrid condition. One of my closest friends growing up suffered from this. She fought the good battle long enough to graduate high school and get in 3 semesters of college before it was too unbearable. Although she never made it to 21, she had 20 precious years. By helping those who are still fighting the disease so they control it, not letting it control them is pure inspiration. Continued training according to one’s thresholds not only makes for good physical form, but positivity in one’s daily life. Fantastic post…thank you.

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