Mexico drops purchaces from US meat plants!

Just more proof that our meat is not fully inspected and surely is not up to par. Time to become a Vegan 😦 or start my own ranch where i can feed the animals  from the land again.

Mexico suspends purchases from 30 U.S. meat plants.

By Bob Burgdorfer


CHICAGO (Reuters) – Mexico suspended purchases from 30 U.S. meat plants due to sanitary issues, which sent U.S. cattle and hog prices sharply lower on Friday and prompted speculation the ban was retaliation against a U.S. labeling law.


Early on Friday, U.S. analysts said the bans were likely because of Mexico’s opposition to a recently enacted meat labeling law. The law, commonly called Country-of-Origin Labeling or COOL, requires that meat packages in U.S. supermarkets carry labels stating the countries where the meat animals were raised.


Mexico and the U.S. Agriculture Department both denied the retaliation charge.


“Countries would go through dispute settlement under either (the North American Free Trade Agreement) or (World Trade Organization) — not use the action of plant-by-plant delistment,” said Amanda Eamich of USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service.


USDA listed the affected plants on its website on Friday, but the suspensions became effective on Tuesday. The listed plants produce beef, lamb, pork, and poultry and can be found here.


Many of the banned plants are owned by the largest U.S. meat companies, including Cargill Inc, Tyson Foods Inc, JBS, Seaboard and Smithfield Foods.



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