Why walking sheds the fat


If you’ve ever been in a large gym, you’ve seen two types of people on treadmills. You’ve got the guy running so fast, he looks like he’s gonna pass out; and, you’ve got the lady walking at a nice pace.

What is the difference, you may ask? Will I burn more calories running? The answer is yes, you will burn more calories.

But, what is a calorie? A calorie is a unit of energy. But, not all units of energy are the same. 

For example, the human body uses different kinds of energy when walking, compared to when running. When running, the body uses sugar (glycogen) and oxygen as primary forms of energy. When walking, the body is in less of a panic state, the heart rate stays relatively low, and fat is the primary source of energy.

Running may burn more calories, but if you are obese or even holding a little fat, walking is your bet. To burn more fat, walk up a slight hill.

Most importantly, remember to hold correct posture, because it will make more muscles fire, and maximize your walk.

Start walking! You’ll get the RESULTS you are looking for.


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